ASX Announcements: 2011 Archive

19/12/2011 Appendix 3Y x 3
19/12/2011 Appendix 3B
05/12/2011 Mines and Money Presentation
01/12/2011 Feasibility Study On Track for Completion Early 2012
30/11/2011 Results of Meeting
30/11/2011 Annual General Meeting Presentation
14/11/2011 Exploration Update
09/11/2011 Notice of AGM Annexure B
31/10/2011 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
25/10/2011 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
20/10/2011 Appendix 3B
19/10/2011 Quarterly Activities Report
19/10/2011 Quarterly Cashflow Report
06/10/2011 Azumah hits gold at two new prospects
30/09/2011 Change in substantial holding for CDT
29/09/2011 Annual Report to shareholders
29/09/2011 Change in substantial holding- J.P. Morgan
21/09/2011 Notice pursuant to section 708A(5)(e)
20/09/2011 Appendix 3B
14/09/2011 Argonaut Research Report
13/09/2011 Africa Downunder - Video Investor Presentation
01/09/2011 Presentation to Africa Down Under
02/09/2011 Azumah Listed on TSX
30/08/2011 Update on Application for Relief
29/08/2011 Azumah to list on Toronto Stock Exchange
25/08/2011 Impressive Infill Results From Julie
12/08/2011 Change in substantial holding
01/08/2011 Change in substantial holding
29/07/2011 Change of Registered Office
29/07/2011 Appendix 5B
27/07/2011 Quarterly Activities Report
15/07/2011 Appendix 3B
11/07/2011 Lodgement of Cleansing Prospectus
24/06/2011 Change in substantial holding
23/06/2011 Change of Director's Interest Notice
14/06/2011 Investor Presentation
14/06/2011 Appendix 3B
14/06/2011 Notice pursuant to section 708(5)(e)
10/06/2011 Increases Stake in Castle Minerals Ltd
09/06/2011 Exploration Update: Numerous promising targets now being drilled as part of wider exploration push at 1.2Moz Wa Gold Project
02/06/2011 AZM Form 603 re submitted with supporting agreement
01/06/2011 Change in substantial holding from MQG
31/05/2011 Notice pursuant to Section 708A (5) (e)
30/05/2011 Notice of Initial Substantial holder for CDT
30/05/2011 Appendix 3B
30/05/2011 Azumah Builds Strategic Stake In Castle Minerals Ltd
10/05/2011 Becoming a substantial holder
29/04/2011 Quarterly Report and Appendix 5B
28/04/2011 Change of Director's Interest Notice
28/04/2011 Appendix 3B
06/04/2011 More High-Grade Results Underpin Wa Gold Project
28/03/2011 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
16/03/2011 Investor Presentation
11/03/2011 Half Year Accounts
08/03/2011 Outstanding Drill Results
04/03/2011 SandP Announces March SP/ASX Rebalance
10/02/2011 Change in substantial holding
07/02/2011 Investor Presentation
31/01/2011 Appendix 5B
31/01/2011 Quarterly Activities Report
27/01/2011 Change of Director's Interest Notice
27/01/2011 Appendix 3B
25/01/2011 Updated Securities Trading Policy
25/01/2011 Response to ASX Query
17/01/2011 Becoming a substantial holder